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Don't Let The Cost Of ED Treatment Keep You Down

Are you taking Viagra or Cialis for ED treatment? Sildenafil is a cost-friendly alternative to name-brand medications that treat ED. It is the active ingredient in Viagra, available in 20mg tablets. Sildenafil is much cheaper - adding up to a savings of more than $40 per dose versus Viagra. Why pay $50 for Viagra when Sildenafil is $10?

As a locally-owned and independent pharmacy, we want to help you by offering this low-cost solution. Contact us to learn more information about how Sildenafil can keep money in your wallet and keep ED at bay.

  • Viagra is available in 25mg , 50mg and 100mg tablets
  • Sildenafil is available in 20mg tablets
  • 1 to 5 tablets equals the dose needed for E.D.

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